People's Representative Newspaper - Guosheng Technology: With innovation as the lead, explore the road to a powerful country

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Chengdu Guosheng Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Chengdu Guozheng Electronics Co., Ltd.) is a professional manufacturer specializing in the research and development and production of glass enamel potentiometer series (WI), wire wound potentiometer series (WX), and wire wound resistor series (RX) products. After 24 years of precipitation in research and development, technology, production, and service, Guosheng Technology has become a leader in the potentiometer and resistor industry in China. The scientific and technological research and development team and comprehensive management team are full of talented people. It now has a production base of 3,300 square meters and a research and development base of 320 square meters, equipped with hundreds of high-precision fully automatic equipment and testing equipment developed and purchased by the company itself. The products are widely used in fields such as instruments and meters, post and telecommunications communications, railway signals, power protection, aerospace, etc., which greatly meets the needs of domestic and foreign customers, and has also been widely recognized by industry colleagues.

As an outstanding leader in the industry, Guosheng Technology has been focusing on the segmented market with the new concept of "quality testifies everything, and technology creates unlimitedness". It has the advantages of strong innovation ability, high market share, mastering key core technologies, and excellent quality and benefits. This time, Guosheng Technology has been selected into the list of "specialized, refined, peculiar, and novel" enterprises in Sichuan Province, which is the affirmation of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the country on Guosheng Technology's innovation research and development in the field of electronic component technology, achievement transformation, and sustainable development ability, and it will also become a strong driving force for Guosheng Technology to continue to deepen technological research and development.

With innovation as the guide to explore the way to a powerful country.

Founded in 2005, Guosheng Technology relies on the production of glass enamel potentiometer series, wire wound potentiometer series, wire wound resistor, and other businesses as the main ones under the tide of the times, and continuously increases capital investment, and finally develops into a standardized "high-tech enterprise".

With the rise of the fourth industrial revolution wave, Guosheng Technology found that compared with the United States and Japan, the mainland's electronic manufacturing industry is large but not strong, and the development in upstream materials, equipment, and high-end accessories is limited. But also understands that it is not an overnight matter to continuously enhance the profit strength in the upstream industry. To this end, Guosheng Technology has continuously accelerated the in-depth integration of emerging things such as digitalization, informatization, and artificial intelligence, and continuously made innovative breakthroughs, injecting new vitality into the traditional industry and the innovative high-quality development. Finally in 2015, Guosheng Technology independently developed a variety of automated equipment such as potentiometer automatic packaging equipment and potentiometer automatic testing equipment, realized the assembly line production of products, greatly improved the production efficiency, and made its potentiometer annual output exceed 100 million units.

The breach of hard technical problems drives the continuous change of social production methods, and the contribution made by Guosheng Technology has also been recognized by authoritative institutions. It was featured in the special issue of the Two Sessions of the People's Representative Newspaper three times in 2018, 2019, and 2021 respectively. After obtaining many honors, Guosheng Technology is not arrogant or impatient, and constantly sets requirements for itself according to the development criteria of a century-old enterprise, and has always been at the 3A standard in terms of honest operation and credit rating.

Taking the responsibility of making the country strong through practical industry as its own responsibility, Guosheng Technology is constantly striving towards the goal of a century-old enterprise in the rings of years. Knowing the responsibility in the heart, taking the responsibility on itself, and fulfilling the responsibility through actions, Guosheng Technology will also always maintain its innovative vitality in the 21st century, adhere to the responsibility of making China's electronic manufacturing industry comparable to the international first-class level, and promote the secondary growth of China's traditional electronic industry.

The huge cake of the Internet bonus, can Guosheng Technology really eat it? The continuous breakthrough and innovation of Internet technology has brought the public into the information technology era characterized by deep interaction. In this historical context, the bonus of the Internet has begun to present a blowout trend, once forming a huge blue ocean market. While other traditional enterprises are impacted by the Internet and feel an unprecedented sense of crisis, Guosheng Technology has found a new way out - to achieve full coverage of services through Internet tools. Guosheng Technology took the lead in throwing away those outdated concepts, by establishing a mobile official website, creating its own APP, and registering WeChat public platforms, it presented a new business model to the public. Compared with the original single service system, this new model breaks the geographical restrictions of the customer group, and can quickly learn about customer needs for accurate marketing promotion.

Facts have proved that Guosheng Technology's move is correct. After vigorously promoting the digitalization of the marketing platform, Guosheng Technology has achieved an annual sales volume of over 100 million, and strives to maximize the marketing effect in the future. After quickly adapting to the development rules and playing methods of digital marketing for three years, Guosheng Technology was rated as the "Mobile Internet +" excellent unit of the year by the "Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Service Working Committee of the China Internet Association". The founder of Chengdu Guosheng Technology, Zhou Zhengjun, said, "The next few years are the critical period for the digital development of the electronic manufacturing industry. Guosheng Technology will use the "Internet +" model to deal with fierce market competition and strive to become the leader in the domestic electronic manufacturing industry."

Here, the answer is already self-evident. Guosheng Technology not only caught up with the fast train of the Internet, but also drove the internal development of the enterprise with traffic bonus. Guosheng Technology has the strength and determination. Of course, the bonus of the Internet will not always exist. However, we also believe that since Guosheng Technology can sense the constantly changing development trends of society, before the top of this wave of traffic bonus, Guosheng Technology can also break the original business format and achieve the value growth and upgrade and transformation of the enterprise from multiple channels, and we just have to wait and see.

Silently do a good job as an environmental protection artisan. Environmental protection is a current hot topic and also an eternal topic. The earth gives us space for survival, and we should also return the earth a piece of peace and cleanliness. Technology activates the vitality of enterprises; environmental protection allows enterprises to take a new step. Guosheng Technology has always placed safety production and environmental protection issues at the top.

The company has been continuously improving the management of the enterprise according to various standards and specifications of the state, including ISO quality management system certification, safety production standardization certification, and national environmental protection requirements, and sticking to the original intention to make greater efforts for the innovation, development, and the development and social stability of the regional economy; at the same time, it will also do a good job as an environmental protection artisan!

A historic moment! Guosheng Technology was included in the "Yearbook of the People's Republic of China"

In 2020, "Chengdu Guosheng Technology Co., Ltd." was invited to be included due to its outstanding contributions in national economic development and technological innovation, and became one of the few private enterprises in the historical record of the yearbook. Being included in the "Yearbook of the People's Republic of China" is a comprehensive affirmation of Guosheng Technology's development achievements and economic and social value in specializing in deep plowing potentiometer for so many years.

In the first issue of January 1, 2022, the large-scale comprehensive news magazine "Chinese Talent" conducted an exclusive interview with Zhou Zhengjun and published a special article. "Chinese Talent" has long received the kind care of central leadership comrades and the strong support of all sectors of society, and has become a character-based news journal with important influence at home and abroad and its own brand. It fully reflects that Guosheng Technology has won higher-level and wider recognition, and at the same time, it also shows that the "Chinese Talent" magazine has given full affirmation and high recognition to Zhou Zhengjun.

Opening up the 24-year struggle and development history of Guosheng Technology is a magnificent and courageous journey of thousands of miles. Guosheng Technology was established in 2005. At that time, Zhou Zhengjun, who had already worked in a state-owned factory for more than 20 years, felt the violent beating of the times, was not willing to be stable within a square inch, gave up the institutional job that everyone admired, and thus embarked on the road of starting a business from scratch.

At that time, Zhou Zhengjun had already made significant contributions to the scientific research of resistors in China. The "Ministry of Electronics Industry of the People's Republic of China" specifically gave him recognition. But Zhou Zhengjun believed that on the broad stage of the market economy, he could still show his talents and add new momentum to China's electronic manufacturing industry.

In the 21st century, the experience of the electronic manufacturing industry is almost blank, with developed countries such as the United States and Japan tightly grasping the domestic and foreign markets, and China facing a critical moment of economic structure transformation and industrial structure upgrade. Zhou Zhengjun has crossed high mountains and valleys, and crossed through thorns and dangerous shoals. With his hard-core technology of many years of concentrated efforts to break through resistors and potentiometers, he has made outstanding contributions to the overall operation of China's electronic manufacturing industry towards "steady progress and steady innovation" development. Afterwards, the potential resistors of Guosheng Technology continue to make breakthroughs in fields such as instrument and meter, post and telecommunications, railway signaling, power protection, aerospace, and has also obtained enterprise intellectual property management system certification, and is promoting the formation of competitive advantages in the Chinese market's electronic manufacturing industry.

"Thoroughly implement the strategy of innovation-driven development, open up new areas and new tracks, and constantly shape new driving forces and new advantages for development." Over the past 24 years, Guosheng Technology has obtained 8 invention patents, 30 new and practical patents, implemented 15 research and development projects, and transformed 19 scientific and technological achievements including 15 high-tech products, knowledge property rights, etc. Among them, 7 new products were developed, and 12 intellectual property rights results. Under the leadership of General Manager Zhou Zhengjun, it has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, and has now become a pioneer in the track of Chinese technological innovation enterprises, and is also an important force for Chengdu to seize the opportunities of the digital economy and vigorously promote the construction of industrial innovation clusters.

On the one hand, looking globally, with a broad mind and the world, we should make a scientific judgment on the trend of the times and the general trend of the world; on the other hand, based on China, we should be down-to-earth, and make a profound judgment on the survival situation of the Chinese nation and the main expectations of the Chinese people. This is the mission of the Party, and it is also the development policy that Guosheng Technology has adhered to for many years. In the future, towards the goal of rejuvenating the Chinese nation's "Chinese Dream", Guosheng Technology will use its own industry advantages and influence, integrate domestic and foreign resources, and build a community of Chinese electronic manufacturing.


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