Talking about superconducting cable compared with conventional cable has the following advantages


  1, large capacity. The same section of the superconducting cable current delivery capacity of conventional cable 3 to 5 times.

  2, low loss. Superconducting cable with no resistance in the liquid nitrogen vaporization temperature (about -196 ℃) transmission of large current, conductor loss of less than one-tenth of conventional cables, coupled with cooling energy loss, the total running loss is only conventional cable 50% -60%.

  3, no pollution. Superconducting cables will not pollute the environment, while oil-filled conventional cables may run the risk of oil spills on the environment.

  4, save material. One kilogram of superconducting cable to complete the transmission of 77 kilograms of ordinary cable, which greatly saves the amount of traditional copper. The same transmission capacity of superconducting cables compared with conventional cables, the use of metal and less insulating material.

  5, the use of superconducting cables low noise, less electromagnetic pollution.

  6, small size, saving transmission system footprint and space, saving a lot of valuable land resources.

  7, high safety and reliability, basically eliminate fire hazards.

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