Extrusion process with the mold and extrusion die how to choose


  Extrusion process operators must first master the knowledge of the process with mold, mold is reasonable, a direct impact on extrusion quality and production, it is one of the important operating skills. As the plastic melt after the mold change, making the extrusion diameter is not equal to the diameter of the die sleeve, on the one hand as a result of traction, cooling product extrusion cladding cross-section shrinkage, reducing the outer diameter; the other hand, Dropped to zero, plastic elastic recovery and swollen, plastic mold from the mold after the change in shape and size and material properties, extrusion temperature and die size and extrusion pressure. The specific size of the mold is determined by the product specifications and extrusion process parameters, matching the right mold, is Health

  Produce high-quality, low-consumption products, the key. Here I introduce the process of mold with the knowledge.

  First of all, to talk about the basis of optional mold: squeeze die matching is mainly based on core optional die core, according to the finished product (extruded after) matching the die set die diameter, and according to the characteristics of plastic technology, mold and core Mold sets of angle and angle difference, sizing area (ie, Cheng diameter) length of the mold structure size, so that with the proper. Extrusion pipe mold with the main model is based on the extrusion ratio of the plastic extrusion, the so-called stretch ratio is the ratio of the plastic ring in the die area and the area covered in the wire and cable ring area ratio, that is, The formation of the gap cross-sectional area of ​​the product and the nominal thickness of the cross-sectional area ratio.


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