2014 China's electronic components industry welcome development opportunities


  In recent years, the rapid growth of China's electronics industry has driven the strong development of the electronic components industry. In terms of segments, with the development of 4G, mobile payment, information security, automotive electronics, Internet of things and other fields, the integrated circuit industry has entered a period of rapid development. In addition, the scale of the LED industry is also expanding and the semiconductor industry is becoming increasingly mature. Panel prices stabilized, a slight improvement in the relationship between demand and so for the development of the industry has brought a broad space for development.

  April 4, the electronic components industry sector rose 1.48%, or higher, the plate Tianyu information stocks daily limit. Meanwhile, in the concept plate of the day, the related concepts of sapphire, apple concept, touch screen and other electronic components industry also sharply strengthened, plate rose 2.13%, 2.04% and 1.95% respectively; among them, Daily limit, ultrasound electronics rose 8.99%.

  China's electronic components industry overall upward, high-end products rely on imports

  In recent years, the rapid growth of China's electronics industry has driven the strong development of the electronic components industry. China many types of electronic components production has ranked first in the world, the electronic components industry in the international market occupies a very important position. China has become the world's production base of electronic components such as speakers, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, picture tubes, printed circuit boards, discrete semiconductors and other components. At the same time, the rapid development of electronic information industry both at home and abroad has brought a broad market prospect to the upstream electronic components industry. The rapid start-up and rapid development of automotive electronics, PDAs, Internet applications, set-top boxes and other products have greatly driven the development of China's electronic components market. In communications products, mobile communications, optical communications networks, ordinary telephone and so require a large number of components. In addition, demand for computers and related products, consumer electronics and other fields remains strong, all of which will drive the development of China's electronic components market.

  January-December 2011, total sales revenue of electronic components manufacturing industry reached 1.02054259 trillion yuan, total profit reached 54.8199 billion yuan; total sales revenue of electronic device manufacturing industry reached 1.09666262 trillion yuan, total profit reached 46.6347 billion yuan. In addition, based on the new features of the market demand, the electronic components are being developed in the direction of ultra-miniaturization, chip-typeization, digitization, intelligence and greening, and the development prospect of China's electronic components industry is optimistic. However, Smaller scale, lack of investment in technology development, lack of core technology, high-end products mainly rely on imports, leading to over-middle and low-end products, product profits are relatively low.

  China's electronic components are in a period of rapid development

  Driven by developments in the fields of 4G, mobile payment, information security, automotive electronics and the Internet of Things, the development of the integrated circuit industry is one of the key tasks of the Chinese government in 2014 and is currently in a period of rapid development in the industry. At the policy level, the development of the integrated circuit industry has been strongly supported by governments at all levels from the state to the localities. In February 2011, the State Council promulgated "a number of policies to further encourage the software industry and the integrated circuit industry", giving priority support to the software and integrated circuit industries in areas such as taxation, investment and financing, research and development, import and export, and personnel. On March 14 this year, at the annual meeting of China's semiconductor market, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology revealed that the near future will be intensive introduction of integrated circuit industry support policies, the main contents include: strengthening the central and local governments to coordinate the long-term mechanism; to solve long-term problems China's IC industry, the bottleneck of investment and financing bottlenecks; to create an ecological environment in line with the law of industrial development and to enhance opening up and opening up in four areas. Data show that in 2012 the cumulative output of integrated circuits in the country was 80,301.21 million, an increase of 9.32%. In 2013, the cumulative output of integrated circuits in the country was 86,676,373.33 million, an increase of 10.37% over the same period of last year. Driven by industry support policies, the IC industry is expected to achieve even greater growth opportunities.

  At the same time, LED manufacturers in China after several years of development, not only in the yield advantage, in the LED chip, packaging product quality has further improved the future integration of the LED industry will significantly accelerate the speed with core technology, channel advantages and scale Advantage of the industry chain sub-section leader will expand rapidly through the expansion of expansion. Therefore, in the stage of rapid development of the industry, the scale advantage, brand advantage and channel integration advantage of the enterprise will become the most important competitive advantage of the LED enterprise.

  The current application of the semiconductor industry has expanded from the initial computer, communications, consumer electronics, new energy sources, automotive electronics and other fields. Chip is a high value-added semiconductor product that directly participates in international competition. It is one of the core components of various types of electronic products and equipment. It generally marks the overall level of development of the electronics industry and is also a product category that is severely shielded by technology in various countries.

  With the long-term support of the state for the semiconductor industry and the maturing of relevant enterprises, the semiconductor industry in the mainland will enter a high-speed development channel in the future. From consumption, communications and industrial electronics, the semiconductor industry in China will gradually get rid of the constraints of foreign enterprises and follow the development path of independent innovation


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