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Chengdu Guosheng Technology Co., Ltd was established in 1998, located in Chengdu that is one of the most beautiful cities of China. We are specialized in trimming potentiometer, wirewound potentiometer, precision potentiometer, carbon film potentiometer, wirewound high power resistor, braking resistor, aluminum housed wirewound high power resistor, rheostat, high voltage resistor and precision resistors,potentiometer Knobs, switches, and other electronic components.

We have more than 300 workers with 2 factories. With many kinds of multifunctional automation equipment designed by ourselves in 2008, we increase productivity and reduce production costs, which makes our products much more competitive. Our annual sales has exceeded a hundred and twenty million pieces since 2015. With more than 10 R&D staff, we can design and customize per customer’s requirements.

We are a high-tech enterprise that was appraised by state and one of our most famous brands “BOCHEN” that has been widely applied in the fields of instruments,meters and apparatuses, post and telecommunications, electricity power, railway signals, aviation ,aerospace, high power system and so on.

We have obtained many kinds of certificates, such as ISO9001: 2015, TUV, RoHS and etc. With excellent product quality, advanced facility, abundant technology, strict management and good services, we win the most of the community and the customer’s recognition and praise for many years.

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